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All coaches have the right to appeal their background checks. If you have been denied your membership, please see the information below:

First: Send in a letter to FCBC that includes the following: 

a. Submit a detailed description of the events that occurred.
b. In addition, include what has occurred since that time that would indicate clear and convincing evidence that you should not be disqualified.  You have the burden of setting forth clear and convincing evidence of rehabilitation, including, but not limited to the circumstances surrounding the criminal incident for which an exemption is sought, the time period that has elapsed since the incident, the nature of the harm caused to the victim, and what you have done since the incident, or any other evidence or circumstances indicating that you will not present danger if coaching is allowed.

Second:  Have the President of your organization submit a letter of recommendation that includes the following...

a. They are aware of your background
b. They admit you to coaching their kids, as they do not see it as a problem.
c. They do not hold FCBC responsible or liable if anything was to happen while you are coaching within their program. 

 If your a single team organization, the following needs to be done

All parents of particiopating players must sign a letter that:(see consent letter below)
 1. Identifies and makes them aware of your background.
 2. States they do not have a problem with you coaching their child.
 3. They release FCBC from any liabilty from you coaching their child. 

Consent Form
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